Rudin A Nest of the Gentry Серия: Russian Classics инфо 7054s.

Turgenev's story "Rudin" made a very strong impression on all decent people It invigorated and refreshed me Proclaim his (Turgenev's) great talent boldly and resolutely; fear not to be accused бцьлуof exaggeration, fear not to worship the noble writer to whom we all owe so much Turgenev's "A Nest of the Gentry" is an everlasting work and belongs to world literature Why? Because here for the first time the prophetic dream of all our poets and all Russiвечгжan people who are tormented by thought and seek to divine the future has come true, with remarkable comprehension and perfection, the dream of estranged Russian society merging with the soul and strength of the people Содержание Rudin Роман c 21-144 A Nest of the Gentry Роман c 145-306 Автор Иван Тургенев Иван Сергеевич Тургенев родился 9 ноября 1818 года в Орле в семье офицера, участника Отечественной войны 1812 года СНТургенева Детские годы он провел в именивпсэии матери, ВПЛутовиновой, - в селе Спасское-Лутовиново Орловской губернии В 1833 .