Tomorrow's Men Букинистическое издание Сохранность: Хорошая 1982 г Суперобложка, 204 стр ISBN 0-297-78168-5 Язык: Английский инфо 7019s.

Britain is on the brink of collapse: law and order has broken down; extremist vigilante gangs loyal to the Commander and the Brother roam the streets; food is scarce; the Government is helpless; no-one is safeбцькщ Into this bleak and violent world comes Max Gregory, the head of a renowned US think tank, with a brief to analyse Britain's problems and to find solutions Fired by the death of his brother (kicked to death by thugs before his eyes) and his concern for a country in вечгаwhich he grew up, Gregory takes up the challenge But as he unravels the nature of Britain's unrest and the extent of American involvement in it, he becomes a prime target and, it seems, an inevitable victim In Tomorrow's Men Michael Shea has painted a disturbingly recognisable picture of a future Britain that gives a chilling dimension to this fast-paced novel of corruption, deception and death Книга на английском языке Автор Майкл Ши Michael Shea.